History Student Finds Employment at NGO


Professor Slaughter recently received an e-mail of thanks (shown below) as a student he was a character reference for accepted a job at a start up NGO in Berkeley, California.

Global Student Embassy “GSE works in three global communities engaging local students in year-round education and action to address climate change, food security and ecological degradation. Reciprocal exchanges connect our students to collaborate on sustainable garden and reforestation projects.”

Check out their website at: https://globalstudentembassy.org/

Hi Professor Slaughter,

I wanted to send you an email to let you know that I got a job! I had you listed as a reference, though I’m not sure if they reached out to you. The company is Global Student Embassy, they are an NGO based in Berkeley, CA. So I’m moving to California in about two weeks.

The role I received is largely administrative, but the organization is focused around leadership and environmental preservation and stewardship for young people (high school and college students). It’s a small start-up organization but they are expanding because the role that I am starting (travel and outreach coordinator) is a brand new position so I’ll be able to help shape the position and hopefully grow within the organization.

It’s a huge move, and it’s going to be very expensive to live in the Bay Area but I couldn’t be more excited! Looking for work has been difficult but it hasn’t been for nothing. Thank you so much for all the ways you’ve helped me get to this point. I’m feeling so fortunate and excited about the things to come.

I hope everything is well with you!



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