Meet our Faculty: Theodore Brown

brown photo
Theodore Brown, PhD Professor, Department of History Professor, Division of Health Services Research, Community & Preventive Medicine

Theodore Brown and two colleagues (Marcos Cueto of Rio de Janeiro and Elizabeth Fee of Bethesda, MD) have signed a contract with Cambridge University Press to publish their history of the World Health Organization. They hope to deliver the finished manuscript to the press in Fall 2016. Ted gave several talks in Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 on a variety of topics: “Historical Perspectives on Public Health in Chicago” to the American Public Health Association; “The Early Years of the Socialist Caucus of the American Public Health Association” to the American Public Health Association; “Halfdan Mahler and the Alma-Ata Declaration of 1978” to the American Association of the History of Medicine; and “Dr. H. Jack Geiger and the Spirit of 1848” to the Metro New York chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program. Ted published historical articles, commentaries, and editorials in the American Journal of Public Health, where he continues to serve as History Editor. Ted likewise remains engaged with the American Public Health Association’s History Project, and in that connection is collaborating with Alfredo Morabia (AJPH Editor-in-Chief) and Elizabeth Fee on a three-volume selection of historical articles and documents to mark the Association’s 150th anniversary in 2022. He remains active as Editor of Rochester Studies in Medical History, a book series of the University of Rochester Press which recently published its thirty-fifth volume.


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