“I Was Told There’d Be Food”


Camden Burd (PhD Candidate), discusses Digital History on the podcast “I Was Told There’d Be Food.”— a show that explores the the challenges, opportunities, and realities of being a graduate student today.  Check out the podcast here.

From the podcast website:
“Welcome to I Was Told There’d Be Food – a podcast about all things academia and history!

AKA, for this week, anyway, NOT the one where Jen, Katie, and Alex are replaced by robot imposters in order to teach humans about humanities things, but the one in which we discuss the ever expanding role of digital humanities scholarship.

In conversations with our guest and resident digital humanities expert, Camden, we discuss the tools and methods of digital humanities work. We even explore the ways in which digital tech can help us encounter the ever elusive beast – collaborative work in history. Do your part – help humanize the digitals!”



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